How to Make your Instagram Video Viral?

Marketers the world over have their finger on the pulse of viral videos. In fact, spending on digital video advertising is forecasted to hit $5.79 billion this year. After the launch of IGTV videos, Instagram has also become a hub for video creators to share their videos and make them viral as it is a community of 1 billion people. So how do you make a video viral on Instagram? There is no real formula, but the marketing industry has certainly detected some surefire ways. Here are some ways how:

Tap emotions.

One failsafe way to make a video share-worthy is to rear an emotional core. Consumers simply shun videos that transparently tell them to spend for this or that. Websites like Upworthy have dedicated their entire shtick to reviewing videos that make emotional connections to people. Dove’s #WeAreBeautiful campaign spread like wildfire on this exact principle. Feel-good vids truly drive engagement. You can also do the same on your IGTV channel and share some worth-watching video for your fans.

Don’t rip off.

A copycat is a copycat, and consumers can see through one. If for some reason your competitor has made a viral video, resist the temptation to make a knockoff. Concentrate your energies instead on identifying their target audience and the feasibility of their value proposition.


Viral video marketing can encapsulate unchartered territory for a brand in a matter of hours. Remember, however, that no two videos go virulent in the same way. Virulence depends on a plethora of factors, number of followers on your Instagram profile, from the number of influencers who have seen your video to your target audience to your distribution channel. So, you need to work on these areas to make your videos viral. Invest some bucks of money and collaborate with influencers and buy Instagram followers to achieve the same.


Wise up about your distribution channel.

With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are also ideal spaces for a video contagion for Millennials and Generation Z. Keep the video short and sweet, as attention deficit is rampant on Instagram.

Embed your video into your website or blog.

In this climate, every business needs to have a website to interact with customers worldwide and increase credibility. Nothing draws eyeballs to sites than well-crafted visuals; web videos, in particular, are handy at decreasing bounce rates. By incorporating a video into your website, those eyeballs would be sure to linger, and before you know it, your embedded video has ridden on word-of-mouth. Share the link of your website in your Instagram bio.

Get behind an avatar.

Authenticity is the buzzword of the media today. Consumers connect more easily to a brand with a credible, relatable spokesperson, like Steve Jobs for Apple or Bill Gates for Microsoft. These people are the kind to be emotionally invested in their companies, and viewers can feel that when they talk. Therefore, one way to ensure a video’s virulence is to feature such and such person.

Expensive is not always better.

An untold number of viral videos were shot with as much as a 1MP smartphone camera. Then again, if you have some moolah to spare, invest it on good audio and lighting.