What is the difference between followers and following on instagram

Social media nowadays is an integral part of not only young person’s life but it has become an essential part in the lives of kids as well as elders. It has its own pros and cons. It becomes the reason of lack of physical interaction yet promotes virtual communication.

People have become so much phone addict that they won’t interact with the one sitting right beside them instead spend hours and hours chatting online with friends or whosoever. On the other hand, it lets you communicate with your loved ones that are too far away, vanishes the long distances and helps maintain your relationship.


The app instagram was created in 2010 and eventually grew extremely popular among kids, youngsters and elderly. Instagram allows you to have your own profile where you have a display picture. The profile also includes a ‘Bio’ where you can write something about yourself or whatever you want.

It also shows you your followers and the people you’re following. Your profile presents collectively all the pictures that you post. It has two options whether you want to keep your account public or private.

Accounts set on public lets everyone view your profile. If you set your account on private then it lets only those people view your profile that you yourself allow. In this social platform you share pictures and videos with your friends and family and view theirs in return.

This social media application is updated from time to time so that its users can discover its new features and won’t get tired of using the same thing regularly. It allows you to stay in touch with whoever you want. You can always view your friends pictures to know what they’re up to.


In general, followers are the persons that can view your profile and everything you share, if you have accepted their request in case your account is private. If you’re a popular personality, you can easily gain followers. When you upload a picture on the app, it is displayed on all of your followers’s newsfeed so they can view it within no time. They can also hit the like button and leave a comment if they want. Similarly, you can also become other person’s follower just by tapping on the ‘follow’ button on their profile. By becoming their follower, their profile will be visible to you.


The ‘following’ portion of your profile includes those people that you have requested to follow. By this act of following you can view their profile and everything they have shared. You can also hit the like button on their pictures and videos and leave a comment if you like it. Following others helps you stay updated about lives of other people. Just as they upload something it will automatically appear on your profile because you’re the one following them.

Using this photo sharing application ‘Instagram’ for the first time often traps people in the webs of confusion in which the most confusing part is the difference between followers and following. Using it more more helps vanish the confusion and makes the person fond of this fascinating application.

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